COVID-19…Voices from the Community

We are in uncharted waters, folks. Between cable news and social media, there is an avalanche of information, innuendo, and speculation coming in. It’s exhausting and scary. So John and Tim decided to practice some social distancing and call a bunch of people to talk about what’s going on over Facebook Live. It was a busy one. Go to All Annapolis on Facebook to watch Saturday’s broadcast.

We started with Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot to see what the state has been doing up to this point and what is planned next. Steuart Pittman, Anne Arundel County Executive, was up next to talk about business assistance as well as public safety, followed by Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley who let us know what this this means to our tourism-based business community.

Katie Redmiles of Maryland Hall for the Performing Arts introduced “Pay It Forward to the Arts” to help both businesses affected, as well as our arts community. Monica Alvarado, owner of Bread and Butter Kitchen in Eastport, talked about what they are doing to help the community and their employees during this business shutdown. Heritage Baptist Church, on Forest Drive, has always been front and center when it comes to meeting the needs of the community, and this time is no exception. Pastor Scott Shelton talks about their food pantry and the best way people can contribute.

What does this mean for businesses? Jared Littman, owner of K&B True Value and former Ward 5 Alderman, talks about what they are doing to serve the community as an essential business and what he is doing to protect employees. Small business owners are being hit particularly hard. Denise Pearson, owner and proprietor of Paradise Float Spa in Eastport, has shut down completely until this crisis ends. What does this mean to people in her shoes? Jeff Jacobs, owner of the iconic family business, Carrol’s Creek, has also shut down restaurant for the duration. Some of his employees have been with him for decades, and wait until what you hear what is doing for them! And finally, we end on a positive note when we chat with Kimario Ballyntine, a server at 49 West, located in Inner West Street. Yes, he’s out of work amidst a global pandemic, but he is incredibly upbeat and positive, and his attitude is infectious! In a good way.


The 2020 National Cannabis Festival

We’re talking weed again!  Caroline Phillips joins us for the fourth time (even though we said third when recording) to talk about the National Cannabis Festival coming to RFK on April 18th.

Now in it’s 5th year, the festival has grown from a single day with 5,000 attendees to a two day affair with a FREE policy summit on the Friday April 17th to the festival on the 18th expected to draw more than 25,000 advocates, educators, legislators, and those just looking to learn a lot more.

Yes it is a fun time, but as the push for legal cannabis moves across the US, there are more and more questions and a greater need for education!

We also hop on the phone with two industry experts….Lucas Hale from Curaleaf, a national company that is involved with every step of marijuana from growing to dispensing to distributing.  And also, Warren Lemley from Peake Releaf which is a locally owned dispensary in Rockville, MD.  Both were a wealth of information and both will be at the festival on April 18th!

As to the festival, this year you can expect more advocacy, more education, more music, more vendors, more food, and pretty much more of everything.

Have a listen and get all of your information on the National Cannabis Festival website!

Note to self: The cannabis industry is very punny!


A preview of the 8th Annual Annapolis Film Festival

The Annapolis Film Festival is coming! The Annapolis Film Festival is coming!  Ask for some days off or call out sick, but clear your calendar for March 26-29, 2020.

This year, more than 70 films will be screened over four days all over walkable Annapolis. If you are a film buff (or want to be one) make sure you get your passes or tickets now! If you plan to see more than a single film, a day pass or a festival pass is the best way to go!

Today, we talk with Lee Anderson and Patti White who are the Festival Directors about what is new this year and their theme of Focus Forward!  We get some inside scoop on the festival itself as well as some honest talk about what it costs to put on!

Have a listen.


Annapolis Film Festival (Tickets and Passes)

Lisa Consiglio Ryan of Whole Health Designs

It’s hard to live a healthy life when you are a working parent. But you have to learn to make yourself a priority without feeling guilty about it. Lisa Consiglio Ryan, owner of RASA Juice Shop in Annapolis, is also the mastermind behind Whole Health Designs, a company designed to help women transition to the “clean life”.

On March 7-8, Whole Health Designs is throwing a Winter Healing Slumber Party at Westin Annapolis. Part wellness conference, part retreat, this is an event for the ultimate wellness-seeker, featuring healthy food, wellness support and, most of all, healing. Sponsored by Sadona Salon + Spa, and a portion of proceeds will go to the YWCA – Weinberg Residence, Domestic Violence Safe House.


So, John Lodge from The Moody Blues is on his way to Annapolis

John Lodge, Rock and Roll HOF member, bassist, frontman, and lyricist for The Moody Blues is coming to Annapolis on March 3rd. No, not Maryland Hall, but Rams Head On Stage for one intimate show of all the Moodies best!

We caught up with John on the phone. I was in Annapolis…he was in Barbados (it’s good to be John Lodge) to hear his thoughts on the show, his career, how he kept his marriage and family so strong while living the rock and roll lifestyle!

Have a listen!