The Maryland Crabs: The Three Amigos…With Walter Vasquez (E-7)

mdcrabs_250x250The numbers don’t lie. The Latino community is on the rise in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County. And with elections on the horizon, they are positioned to make a big impact. This week, John and Tim speak with Walter Vasquez who is the “Godfather” for the Hispanic community in Annapolis and the proprietor of the Sin Fronteras restaurant.

Walter talks about his history, the upcoming Mayoral race and who the Hispanic community might support and why; and the proposed, ever-polarizing Crystal Spring development in Annapolis.

This episode ought to open your eyes a little bit!

Did you get a chance to listen to Sean O’Neill talking about the business climate in Annapolis? Or the one where we crab about the incompetence of HACA, parking in Annapolis, and the overreach of the Historic Preservation Commission? Check them out!



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