What’s the REAL Deal with Public Housing in Annapolis?

mdcrabs_250x250Public Housing has been in the news this year. Crime is up. Drug dealing is up. HACA, the Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis has been under fire. Mayor Pantelides is the first Mayor in recent history to reach out and try to correct the course.

This week, we sit down and talk with Sandra Chapman who is a public housing resident and also chair of the HACA Board, and Chip Doordan, the former CEO of Anne Arundel Medical System who also serves on the board.

HACA has problems. They admit that they will not be solved overnight. But they have a plan and we crab about it. In the end, we did not solve the woes, but we see the vision and will revisit it again in six months to see how it is all working out!

THIS is a good one!


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