Annapolis Mayor Mike Pantelides: Successes, Failures, and the Firing of a Police Chief (E-25)

This is a special edition of The Maryland Crabs.  Yesterday, Annapolis Mayor Michael Pantelides fired long-time Chief of Police, Michael Pristoop.

In his first interview, Mayor Pantelides sits down with the Crabs to talk about that elephant in the room–the firing of long-time Police Chief Michael Pristoop.

We talk about the need for the firing and the Mayor’s vision for a replacement–who he thinks will be in place in the next 75 days! We re-visit his term in office and discuss his successes and a failures and how he sees the next 9 months of his first term playing out. 110 Compromise…Crystal Spring…HACA…crime, and much more.

This is a candid, special edition, conversation you will not want to miss!

Thanks this week to: Middleton Tavern for the wonderful hospitality as well as Union Jacks, Zachary’s Jewelers, and Anne Arundel Medical Center!

Thank you to everyone who wrote with suggestions for upcoming episodes. We are on it.  Next week, we sit down with Mary Ewenson from the Eastport Yacht Club Foundation, Spin Sheet and Prop Talk magazines and discuss working on the bay!

Coming up– Travis Pastrana, Kevin Plank, Candidate Mike Pantelides and….wouldn’t you like to know??
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