Gavin Buckley; His Vision for Annapolis in 2018 and Beyond (E-28)

Back in November, we spoke with Gavin Buckley as he was preparing to run for Mayor of Annapolis. This time, we sit down and discuss specifics for his vision for Annapolis moving into 2018 and beyond.

He feels that the City may have let down it’s residents a bit and we accidentally stumble on a fantastic idea and completely take the wind out of his sails!  (Sorry Gavin, it really was only a joke on our end!)

Keep up with the campaign at Gavin’s Facebook Page, Gavin Buckley for Mayor!

Keep an ear on The Maryland Crabs this election season in Annapolis. We plan to have all the candidates on at least once, and we will be hosting a live debate with questions from you!

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Coming up — Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker III and how he’s turned around a county and may have his sights set on Maryland’s top office. Travis Pastrana will be here, we will be bringing Harriet Tubman to you, an in-depth about parking and biking in Maryland, Mayor Michael Pantelides will lay out his vision for the next four years if he wins, and…. well that would spoil it…just subscribe and be surprised!

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  • Annapolis Mayor Mike Pantelides talks about firing long-time chief of police Mike Pristoop, some of his accomplishments in his first three years and what he might hope to accomplish in a second terms if the voters will have him again!
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  • The Annapolis Film Festival was our guest last week. Give it a listen and see how this huge event morphed from an idea into a multi-day event drawing thousands to our little sleepy town by the Bay.

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