CRABCAKE: Annapolis Film Festival, Review, Interview–Before the West Coast (March 2017)

This is a Crabcake from The Maryland Crabs!  What is a Crabcake? Well, it’s a very short snippet of something you need to know. It might be 5 minutes long..or it might be 20.  In any event, enjoy your Maryland Crabcake!


We headed to Maryland Hall to see Before the West Coast this afternoon and a single word—WOW!

I am not too much younger than the Writer/Producer Oyd Craddock (I ran into him in the hallway prior) but the level of racism in the early 70s in New Orleans blew my mind.

You can read the synopsis in your AFF Program, but if you have 66 minutes, please check this out. I am not sure why it is not included with the African American Experience Showcase, because it should be.

The next screening with a Q&A with Oyd Craddock is at 3:00pm tomorrow (Saturday, April 1, 2017) at the Asbury United Methodist Church on West Street!

Find out more at Before the West Coast


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