The Arts are on Fire in Annapolis. Arts Week and the Annapolis Arts & Wine Festival (E-41)

The arts are not only alive in Annapolis, they are on fire! This week, we talk to two of the many movers and shakers who are helping to transform Annapolis into an arts destination.

Frank DiVenti is with VisitAnnapolis and Ben Isenberg is with Symmetry Agency. Frank is the Chief Marketing Officer with the “tourist board” and Ben is working with the various arts groups to bring Annapolis Arts Week and the Annapolis Arts & Wine Festival to the City.

Annapolis Arts Week
Annapolis Arts & Wine Festival

And a VERY special thank you to Brian and Sarah from 49 West for letting us use their wonderful back room to record.  And if you have never been–go there. Listen to jazz and soak in the vibe!

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Looking ahead–Travis Pastrana, Congressman John Sarbanes,  a chat with the sponsor of the USS Sioux City–one of the Navy’s newest battleships, the final (we think) Mayoral Candidate for Annapolis–Nevin Young, an exclusive talk with Annapolis’ newest police chief–Chief Scott Baker! Plus,  we have some kids that have decided to spill the beans on their experience at Anne Arundel County Public Schools!

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  • Chris Nelson. He’s the man behind the success of St. Johns College over the past quarter-century. He is retiring and he sat down with us to talk about the changes he has seen at St. Johns and in Annapolis. He also talks about the future and the current political landscape!
  • The Baltimore Ravens.  We got on the phone and talked about Play Like A Raven (coming up at Annapolis High), wha the team and players are doing out in the community and a look into the 2017 season!  Oh, and they gave us some tickets…no not to a game (we tried), but to their Play Like A Raven Clinic–details on how you can win at the end of the podcast
  • Crystal Spring or Providence Point. You can call it whatever you like; but the developers are pushing forward to bring a continuing care facility to the Forest Drive corridor in Annapolis. There are obstacles to overcome along with an election for Mayor. We talked with Larry Bradshaw, the CEO of National Lutheran Communities & Services who actually IS the developer. Check it out!
  • Fests. Fests. Fests. Get your party shoes on.  This episode we talk about all the festivals that are coming to town. Well, at least three that will be here shortly. The Naptown barBAYq, The Annapolis Irish Fesitval (absolutely), and the 50th Maryland Seafood Festival.
  • Angel Traynor from Serenity Sistas talks to the crabs about her addiction and recovery. How she went from jailhouse to running a company that provides transitional housing for recovering men and women. Hear about our heroin epidemic from someone on the front lines!
  • Congressman Anthony Brown sat down with the Crabs last week and talked about the Affordable Care Act under President Trump, the proposed slashing of funding to the Chesapeake Bay, military spending, and a little bit about his time with former Maryland Governor O’Malley and if he is ready to challenge President Trump in 2020.
  • Eastport Landing. The NIMBYS are alive and well and have proclaimed there shall be no development in Eastport. Well, that may not be possible, responsible, or even legal…so rather than ranting and raving, why not listen to the guy who is proposing to renovate and bring something new to an aging strip shopping center in Eastport.

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