Celebrating 25 Years with the Schooner Woodwind (E-88)

Starting a business is tough in Annapolis. Running any business is tough–period. So when you are able to start one AND run it for 25 years, well, that’s cause for a celebration! (and a podcast)

The Schooner Woodwind, star of Hollywood movies, queen of the Wednesday night race series, the majestic twin hulled schooners tied up at City Dock–yes those schooners have been plying the waters of the Annapolis harbor for a quarter century!  Congratulations go out to Ken, Ellen, and Jen Kaye who came up with this crazy idea that worked!

Today, we talk with Jen Kaye who is the owner of the business along with her parents (who recently retired) of one of the best ways to experience Annapolis–from the water and under sail.  Listen in! And then go book a sail. They are already sailing for the 2018 season!


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