CRABCAKE: Mental Illness, A Father’s Story of Trying to Save his Daughter | (July 2018)

OK, let me be perfectly honest, this is NOT a crabcake, it is a full blown episode and the topic deserves to have several more devoted to the problem.  What problem? Mental illness!

Today, we speak with Ray Weaver whose daughter suffers from severe mental illness. How severe? Well, let’s just say that the Anne Arundel County Police were compassionately involved, she has been placed in a hospital and Ray is now she is mired in the legal morass of trying to get his youngest child the help she truly needs.

Ray is dual citizen (as is his daughter Savannah) born and raised in the Dena and now spends time between Denmark and visiting his daughter in the hospital while trying to have her released so she can commence a treatment plan in Denmark.

He is a former radio guy, a former PR hack, a podcaster (listen to A Father’s Heart), one helluva musician (as is Savannah also–please listen to her song at the end of this podcast) that plays in the area frequently.

The incredible folks at the Irish Restaurant Company (Galway Bay, Killarney House, Brian Boru, and Pirate’s Cove) are holding a fundraiser on Saturday, July 28th to help Ray with his expenses. It’s not cheap. It is part of their Christmas in July charity program that helps local people in need. And as Ray has been a stalwart playing in their restaurants–he and Savannah were logical choices.

Please have a listen as Ray tells us what he is going through. And if you can, head to Galesville and Pirate’s Cove on Saturday from 2-6pm.  Here’s a link for more info.


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