CRABCAKE: Annapolis Film Festival | In Reality | Ann Lupo (March 2019)

This is a Crabcake from The Maryland Crabs!  What is a Crabcake? Well, it’s a very short snippet of something you need to know. It might be 5 minutes long..or it might be 20.  In any event, enjoy your Maryland Crabcake!

It happens every year…well at least for the past seven years! The Annapolis Film Festival is bringing more than 70 films to Annapolis March 21st to 24th and we sat down with the founders once again to see what was in store for their seventh go around of this fantastic event that has brought millions to the area economy!

Who doesn’t love a good love story? Well In Reality starts out that way…and then she get’s friend-zoned!  The somewhat autobiographical film by Ann Lupo (her first feature) finds the lead (played by Ann who also directed, produced and edited) character madly in love and quickly spiraling into despair when she enters the “friend zone.” In order to snap out of it and deal with her catharsis–she decides to make a movie.  Kinda meta, eh?  This is a genre bending film and when you leave, you are not sure if it is a rom-com, chick flick, or a documentary–or quite possibly a little bit of both. This has won more than a dozen awards on the festival circuit and is one of the ones I consider a MUST SEE! There are two screenings for you! Have a listen as we chat with Ann about In Reality!

In Reality screens at 8:45pm on Saturday, March 23, 2019 at the Maryland Hall in the Bowen Theatre!

In Reality screens at 7:15pm on Sunday, march 24, 2019 at the Annapolis Elementary School.

And when you are done listening–go buy your passes and mark your calendars for the Annapolis Film Festival 2019!



And when you are done–go buy your passes and mark your calendars for the Annapolis Film Festival 2019!



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