CRABCAKE: Let’s talk about suicide for a minute (September 2019)

OK, right up front, this is not an upbeat crabcake. Not by a long shot! But it is a conversation we need to have. Suicide rates are on the increase at alarming rates and treating the mental issues that cause suicide need to be enhanced.

This week is National Suicide Prevention Week.

We sat down with Kat Olbrich who is the Area Director for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Dean D’Camera, a local businessman whose brother committed died by suicide fourteen years ago.  We talk about the problem, what is currently being done, and what still remains.  We learn what YOU can do when you suspect someone may be in trouble.

And we learn how you can help. The easiest way it to come out to the Annual Out of the Darkness Walk on September 21st at the Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. If you can, form a team and raise some much needed funds. If you can’t, please come out and support and walk with 2000 others that have been impacted by suicide. As Dean says in the podcast, Kevin Bacon has six degrees of separation–suicide has one!

LINK:  American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – Out of the Darkness Walk

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