A Conversation About The Village At Providence Point (E-146)

In May of 2017 we spoke with Larry Bradshaw who is the CEO of National Lutheran Communities & Services and the man behind the project now known as The Village at Providence Point in Annapolis.  Today, we check in with Bradshaw as the project starts to gel up and move through the approval process.

Today we learned that they are accepting deposits (more than 100 so far) and construction could begin in early 2021. They have addressed the four main issues their opponents have cited–traffic, environment, drainage, and tree canopy. And they have been working with the City to address their most recent submission and the comments surrounding it.

While on the same property, this is NOT anywhere close to the same project as Crystal Springs. Along with a change of names to The Village at Providence Point, this project has been downsized in the number of residents and in the general footprint of the project.

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One thought on “A Conversation About The Village At Providence Point (E-146)”

  1. Any journalism should have as its focus the TRUTH. On the highly controversial issue of the development of Crystal Spring, your allowing only the developers viewpoints to be expressed and your complete support for the development in its many iterations crushes journalistic ethics and standards. Listening to the podcast of the developer’s CEO with your supportive questions and observations is a new low in truth-seeking and objective journalism. You should have listed it as a paid advertisement regarding this project.

    I can say unequivocally, this Podcast has many falsehoods, half-truths, and distortions of the facts. As just one example, the interview would have listeners believe the project meets the environmental legal requirements and most of the objections of opponents. This is not true and is far from the truth. The City’s 5-pages of comments back on just environmental issues, indicates the new filings did not meet basic legal requirements for stormwater, forest conservation, or conservation easements. Plus, there are still issues related to new road siting and planning.

    These were not simply technical problems but incredible shortcomings after so many years of meetings and filings. These were not small issues and in fact, in two meetings the City insisted upon between the developers and our team which Bradshaw mentioned, we were able to thoroughly discuss our 4 major concerns. And yet, in the new filings not one of these concerns was addressed. NOT ONE! After the filings, I sent emails to Bradshaw and your advertiser Alan Hyatt, their attorney, asking them to cite one change they made to meet our concerns in the new filings. They did not and could not cite one such change.

    In fact, the filings were worst. For example, the developers had pledged 100% reforestation on site or on off-site land. Their filings showed ZERO reforestation anywhere despite passage of the new no net loss of forest ordinance which they knew applied to this project. This was despite previous flings showing 14-15 acres of reforestation.

    There are so many distortions and outright falsehoods in the Podcast. For example, you mentioned intersections rated at C and D. In fact, in the City’s draft Sector Study the overall intersection at Spa Road and Forest Drive are already operating at “E” or “F” during both the AM and PM peak hours. There also was a minimization of traffic generated with 64/68 rush hour trips generated. But you left out, there would be nearly 1,500 more vehicle trips a day generated by The Village at Providence Point.

    How about having me on for a Podcast and ask me the toughest questions you can and allow the other side to be heard? Call me at 410-280-8956 to arrange an interview. Afterall, you noted several times you cannot understand the opposition as does Bradshaw. Why not allow me to help you understand why we still oppose this development.

    Also, why not add our STOP CRYSTAL SPRING web site to the developer’s web sites you lis

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