The HPV controversy revisited with more information and a medical perspective (E-147)

It’s controversial. The HPV vaccine. Some say it will prevent cancer. Others are not so sure. In the summer of 2018 (41 episodes ago) we spoke with Josh Mazer, an Annapolis resident, who questions the vaccine’s effectiveness, the studies behind it, and the manner in which it is marketed.

His episode was controversial to say the least.

We were contacted by the producers of the 2014 film, Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic refuting much of what Mazer said. We offered to do an additional podcast from their point of view; yet never received a reply.

But there are two sides to each story. So here we are!

In the past year, Mazer has continued his research and has more doubts and questions. We brought in Dr. Michael Freedman from Evolve Medical Clinics to balance it out and offer a medical perspective.

This episode, is a little ok, who are we kidding, it’s a LOT long, but compelling as the two confront and rebuke each other.

In the end, the controversy continues and the general consensus is that the HPV shot (like any vaccine) should be a decision made by parents and their children’s doctors.

One important takeaway is that we all agree that pharmaceutical companies should NOT be incentivizing medical practitioners to sell their drugs!

Sit back, and have a listen!



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  1. Dr. Freedman would make a great politician. No substance and all dance. Mr. Mazer did an excellent job of presenting the evidence. His argument clearly proved his knowledge of the HPV vaccine is far superior to this ignorant and most likely, BOUGHT doctor.

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