One Love Annapolis and perseverance with Steve Samaras

We are all in this together!  As businesses are (for the most part) shuttered, we wanted to catch up with Steve Samaras from Zachary’s Jewelers to talk about a video series he has created and to find out how Zachary’s is doing during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

If there ever was a man who sees the positive in a tough situation it is Steve who was burned out of his store 15 years ago the day after Thanksgiving, survived the recession of 2008 and now the COVID-19 virus.

Aside from keeping all of his employees working, to cutting Constance Polamalu (the COO who joined us on the call) loose to develop a new e-commerce business model with virtual appointments, while maintaining the Zachary’s model of customer service.

But more importantly, with some time on his hands, Steve and his wife Challie have been visiting their favorite places around town and explaining why there is such love–a One Love for Annapolis.

If you are a bit down about this pandemic, have a listen, and be sure to check out the videos on Steve’s Facebook Page –the link is below!


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