So, John Lodge from The Moody Blues is on his way to Annapolis

John Lodge, Rock and Roll HOF member, bassist, frontman, and lyricist for The Moody Blues is coming to Annapolis on March 3rd. No, not Maryland Hall, but Rams Head On Stage for one intimate show of all the Moodies best!

We caught up with John on the phone. I was in Annapolis…he was in Barbados (it’s good to be John Lodge) to hear his thoughts on the show, his career, how he kept his marriage and family so strong while living the rock and roll lifestyle!

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A few minutes with Gaelic Storm

Today, we hopped on the phone with Ryan Lacey the drummer with the Celtic rock band Gaelic Storm who will be at the Rams Head On Stage on February 11th and 12th.

Did you know the band got a boost when they appeared in an Academy Award winning movie? About their grueling touring schedule? Or when that next album is coming out (spoiler–this summer).

Have a listen as we welcome one of the best live bands to see to Annapolis– Gaelic Storm!

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Who you gonna call? Ray Parker Jr. that’s who!

If you asked a kid in 1984, “who you gonna call?” They’d say Ghostbusters!   If you asked a kid that same question today, you’r get the same answer!

GRAMMY winner and OSCAR nominated singer/songwriter/guitarist Ray Parker, Jr. is coming to the Rams Head On Stage for a single show on February 7th.

We chatted on the phone today about his incredible career–from getting a call from Stevie Wonder while forking as a draftsman at Ford in Detroit, to the success of Ghostbusters, to his latest album, to his thoughts on the death of Kobe Bryant.

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All you need to know about Military Bowl Week (December 2019)

Today, we speak with Josh Barr who is the Director of External Relations with the Military Bowl scheduled for December 27th here in Annapolis.  Joining us is Cassie Mabery from Katcef Brothers (Budweiser distributor) and Dave Thomas who is the Hitch Director for the world famous Budweiser Clydesdales.

We plopped down at Heroes Pub for a beer and a bite and talked about the matchup between North Carolina and Temple on Friday December 27th at noon; but we also hit on Military Bowl Eve and the Miracle on Annapolis Street, a wine walk, pub crawl, and scavenger hunt!

We talked about the parade, the best spots to see the clydesdales and the 8 Medal of Honor recipients who will be in town and of course the free tailgate being held at Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium .  We even learned the names of the ten clydesdales that will be visiting us.

And finally, your last chance to nominate a hero and possibly win a VIP experience at the game is happening on Friday December 20th at the Boatyard Bar & Grill from 5pm to 7pm.

Have a listen and you will be in the know!

Heroes Pub was busy (as it always is) so there is some background noise–tried to reduce it as much as we can, but you are an understanding group!

The Magic of Lights on the Bay by the SPCA of Anne Arundel County (December 2019)

25 years and going strong!  Lights on the Bay–brought to you by the SPCA of Anne Arundel County.

We sat down with Kelly Brown who is the President and Executive Director for the SPCA of Anne Arundel County to talk about the magic that happens at Sandy Point State Park between Thanksgiving and New Years.

We rambled on about the history, what’s involved in setting it up, what to expect, and of course we talked about puppies, kittens and more!

Shawn Noratel, the Creative Director (and Co-Founder) of Liquified Creative, was also on hand and he is the brain behind the incredible ads you have seen and for the show. We talked a bit about Liquified and how they became one of the leading sponsors for Lights on the Bay, and really what drives them to get involved with so many area non-profits! (Spoiler: Stay tuned, we are working with Liquified Creative on a cool new project for 2020)

Have a listen:

Lights on the Bay is $20 per carload and there are a number of special nights and discount coupons out there–and we talk about all that as well.

Easiest way to make it happen? Go here and buy your ticket in advance!