Our New Annapolis Police Chief, Edward Jackson (E-145)

The new Annapolis Police Chief Edward Jackson might be new in town, but he is a seasoned veteran when it comes to law enforcement, as he spent twenty years in the Baltimore Police Department, working his way up from a officer walking the beat to colonel. Chief Jackson marks a change in tack by Mayor Gavin Buckley who wanted a chief who could connect with the community and identify the subtleties of policing a town as diverse and unique as Annapolis.

John and Tim sat down with Chief Jackson to talk about where he came from and what he sees as his role as Annapolis’ top cop. How will his strategy be different from his predecessors? What does community policing look like under his leadership? Why would he agree to sit down with us, considering The Curse of the Maryland Crabs in regards to police chiefs? Can Tim hold his gun? We answer all of these questions and more!


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