The Maryland Crabs: Crime in Annapolis Maryland (E2)

mdcrabs_250x250Crime in Annapolis is on the rise. This week, John and Tim crab about it. Crime in general–and crime in and around the HACA  public housing properties of the City of Annapolis.  Is the Annapolis Police Department utilizing the tools they have effectively?

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The Maryland Crabs: Larry Hogan and Labor Day, Annapolis Airbnb and taxes (E1)

mdcrabs_250x250Welcome to The Maryland Crabs!  We are the new kid on the block and want to give a shout-out to Scott MacMullan and The Annapolis Podcast for leading the way.

We’re not the same thing though–oh no no!  Every other week, we will be dissecting the stuff that matters most to you here in Maryland! Nationwide, statewide, or hyper local.

This week, we tackle Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s controversial (yet totally kick ass) Executive Order to require schools to start after Labor Day and finish before June 15th.  As predicted, most people love it, but the schools themselves (and their unions) are throwing hissy fits.  We also stir the pot on a hotel tax issue in Annapolis. Hotels pay a tax. Why don’t Air BnBs?  Good question brought up by Joe Tierney, the co-owner of Chez Ami Bed and Breakfast.

Before each podcast, we (Tim and John) meet for lunch and try to figure out what the hell we are going to do–this week’s episode is fueled by Little Italy Famous Pizza and Pasta … which we highly recommend.  Great new kid on the block!


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