Depression and suicide. And a Severna Park fundraiser to talk about it (E-92)

Suicide. Depression. Shhhh. We don’t talk about that!  Let’s just keep that between us.  Nope!

This week we speak with Ethan and Ann Brennan who both suffered from depression (and in Ethan’s case an attempted suicide) and how they are working to make sure that no one has to go through what they did.

Last year they put on an event called Burgers and Bands which raised a lot of awareness and money in the Severna Park area. This year it is bigger and better. The event is on June 3rd at the Severna Park Taphouse and will feature live music all day including The Kelly Bell Band, Jimi Davies from Jimi’s Chicken Shack, performances from the Priddy Music Academy and more. But most importantly, there will be resources available for those who suffer and for everyone so they can recognize the signs and offer a hand of support.

As Ethan said, depression is a seven foot fat bully that you cannot see around. But if you look around that bully, you will see that there is a helping hand on the the other side.

Be sure to stop at the Severna Park Taphouse on Sunday the 3rd if only for an hour! It will be well worth your time!

#YouAreNotAlone #BurgersAndBands

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