CRABCAKE: John Shields…the culinary ambassador of the Chesapeake Bay (September 2019)

Today, we present a crabcake with a guy who REALLY knows his crabcakes… John Shields, who is been called the “Culinary Ambassador of the Chesapeake Bay.” Aside from being the owner of Gertrude’s Chesapeake Kitchen at the Baltimore Museum of Art, John has written multiple cookbooks on the cuisine of the Chesapeake region. The host of PBS’s “Chesapeake Bay Cooking” and “Coastal Cooking with John Shields”, his work has appeared in The New York Times, the Washington Post, Coastal Living, and Southern Living. He is a frequent guest on WYPR radio, local TV and at public events.

John’s newest book, The New Chesapeake Kitchen was released in October, 2018. Here, John’s decades of exploring and championing the Chesapeake region are presented in a volume that articulates his essential philosophy, as well as his commitment to, and love for the Chesapeake—its land and waters, its people, its history, and its food traditions.

Thank you to Ann Alsina, principal at Covington-Alsina in Annapolis, for allowing Tim to take over your conference room for a couple of hours. And we apologize in advance, because he plans on making a habit out of it.


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