Primary Election Night at the Blackwall Hitch with Special Guests (E-57)

The Maryland Crabs took over the Wine Room at the Blackwall Hitch in the heart of Eastport during Primary Election Night to wait out the results along with wide-ranging cast of political players and observers to wait out the results. While noshing on the distractingly ridiculous creations by Chef Jonathan Seningen, our charming hostess and stage manager for the evening, Lea Hurt, ushered in a veritable who’s-who in the world of Annapolis politics…

  • Mayor Michael Pantelides
  • Former Mayor Josh Cohen
  • Former Mayor Ellen Moyer
  • Mayoral candidate Gavin Buckley
  • Alderman Jared Littmann
    Aldermanic candidate Julie Mussog
  • Aldermanic candidate John“Bumper” Moyer
  • Aldermanic candidate David Frankel
  • The Annapolis Podcast Host and County Council candidate, Scott MacMullan
  • MH Media President, Michael Hughes
  • John Booth
  • And probably a few others that we forgot—sorry!

And we would like to especially thank Dr. Dan Nataf from AACC who not only hung in with us for the nearly five hours of roundtable discussion and analysis, but offered keen and clinical insight in to the political process and strategies that brought us to this point tonight with game-changing upsets and surprises.

Unofficial results (provisional and absentee ballots need to be counted)

Mayor(R)–Mike Pantelides defeated Nevin Young

Mayor(D)–Gavin Buckley defeated John Astle

Ward 1(D)–Elly Tierney defeated Joe Budge

Ward 2 had no contested primaries

Ward 3 had no contested primaries

Ward 4(D)–Sheila Finalyson may have defeated Toni Strong Pratt (provisional and absentee will be in play)

Ward 5 had no contested primaries

Ward 6(D)–Shaneka Henson defeated DaJuan Gay

Ward 7(D)–Rob Savidge defeated Alexus Viegas

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CRABCAKE: Ward 1 Aldermanic Debate Presented by Inner West Street Business Association (September 2017)

This is a Crabcake from The Maryland Crabs!  What is a Crabcake? Well, it’s a very short snippet of something you need to know. It might be 5 minutes long..or it might be 20. In any event, enjoy your Maryland Crabcake!

This one is a little bit longer. I had the opportunity to attend a Ward 1 Aldermanic Debate sponsored by the Inner West Street Business Association on August 31st. The audio was grabbed from my portable recorder, so …. not the greatest.  But here is what the three candidates for Alderman in Ward 1 have to say.

More Information:

Last month, we interviewed each candidate for Alderman and here are the links to their interviews. Larry Claussen never returned our phone calls or emails so an interview was not conducted.

Here is your link to all of the interviews!