The Cold, Hard, Honest Truth About Annapolis Area Restaurants (E-52)

We started this podcast 52 episodes ago, so it should be a year…but it isn’t. Math is hard. But it IS our 52nd episode and we wanted to do something different!

We brought in Cara McKenrick from Annapolis Fork and Lea Hurt who is a restaurant and chef PR maven and decided to talk about the Annapolis food scene. We talked the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is unvarnished, raw, and more than anything–real!

We rated 19 restaurants in the area and discussed a bunch more. The results may surprise you–some favorites scored pretty low and there are some surprises along the way! For the full list of restaurants and rating criteria, visit our website–

Special thanks to METROPOLITAN KITCHEN & LOUNGE for the table and electricity. And to Brenda our server who made sure our glasses were never empty!

So, how did this all work? First step, order drinks.  We had a list of area restaurants culled from listeners, Twitter followers, Facebook likers, and personal suggestions. We drew cards in turn without knowing which restaurant was written on the other side.  We talked about it..trying very hard to stay on topic … and then when we were done, we each put a single rating from 1-10* on the card. We did an average and came up with a score! And if some of us had not experienced a place, we just averaged with what we had. No science and minimal math was involved!  But lot’s of surprises.  We exempted Metropolitan because we were there…and Blackwall Hitch because Lea has a contract with them. We talked about a ton but only rated 19 of them.  Here’s the list of all the things we talked about and the restaurants with numbers are the ones we scored!

*Cara and John agreed that there is no such thing as a “10”.

Coming up….former County Executive John R. Leopold, County Executive Steve Schuh, the last full interviews with Mayoral candidates in Annapolis before the primary election, and a surprise or two!

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