CRABCAKE: USS Sioux City commissioning in November (October 2018)

This USS Sioux City will be steaming up the Chesapeake Bay on November 10th to prepare for her commissioning at the Naval Academy on the 17th.

The week is full of opportunities for the community to see the ship, support the ship and it’s crew and celebrate this once (maybe twice) in a lifetime event…unless you are in the Navy…then maybe not so much! But it starts on Saturday the 10th with the arrival. The Veterans’ Classic basketball tournament is on the 11th with a Maryland Vs Navy game in hoops! Plenty of opportunity to see the ship during the week. The official commissioning is at 9am on Saturday the 17th, and it all wraps up with Navy’s final home football game of the season at the stadium as they take on Tulsa at 330pm on the 17th.

We sat down with RADM Frank Thorp (Ret) who is chairman of the commissioning committee to see what is in store for Annapolis.

Things I learned from this episode…

  • This ship is fast–50 MPH and it is 300+ feet long!
  • Tickets to witness the commissioning ceremony are free but you need them and they are almost sold out. I just got mine!
  • There are free tours of the ship throughout the week.
  • They will not let me drive it.
  • Annapolis businesses are rolling out the red carpet for the crew and we should too.
  • I have a mental block on Bread and Butter Kitchen–I always call it “Cafe”…Monica will need to change the name, but DO go there and eat!!




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USS Sioux City: A First Ever Commissioning of a Warship in Annapolis (E-43)

It has never happened in Annapolis or at the United States Naval Academy! Never. But it will in the spring of 2018. The littoral combat ship, USS Sioux City will be commissioned along the banks of the Severn River sometime (date to be determined) after Commissioning Week 2018.

We sat down with Mary Winnefeld who is the sponsor of the new ship and a long-time and ardent supporter of the Navy to learn how she was selected as the sponsor (a huge honor) and what touches she has placed within the ship, physically and emotionally. We talked about “why Sioux City” and the role that midwestern town has and will continue to play in the life of the ship.

RADM Frank Thorp IV (Ret) was on hand to discuss the celebrations that will take place when the ship comes up the Chesapeake Bay and into Annapolis. The Commissioning Ceremony will be full of pomp and circumstance and VIPS. But it is a Maryland and Annapolis event with ship tours, parties, and celebrations throughout the week.

A lot is still in the planning stages, but keep your eyes and ears peeled for this rare opportunity that will come to Annapolis in the Spring of 2018.

USS Sioux City

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